Materials Included In Our Expert, Beginning to Advanced Medical Transcription with Editing Program


Our Advanced Medical Transcription and Editing program contains everything we have to offer here at MT School of laptopCanada. We don’t believe in holding anything back that would help you succeed.  This is an in-depth, beginning-to-advanced medical transcription training program, featuring a comprehensive work simulation experience and medical editing that is absolutely invaluable to your learning experience, including job placement after you graduate. Read on to explore all of the materials included in our medical transcription program.

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Our program includes the Advanced SUM reports and the Intermediate SUM Surgery reports which together are more than $1,000 worth of materials!

Our goal is for graduates to have the equivalent experience of an MT with two years’ experience. This program is for students who are serious about launching a lucrative career as a medical transcriptionist or for those wishing to build a medical transcription service of their own. If you want to make the money and be able to get employment, our program can get you there.

Here’s a List of All Materials Included:

✔  You get immediate on-line access to all of our 30 interactive on-line modules and your own special online courselogin and passwords to the in-depth, interactive, online training program and student forum. Become a part of the learning process as we explore in detail the human body and practice transcribing sentences right away! Our built-in auto keys let you play around with the practice dictation as much as you want and will let you immediately know if you transcribed it right.

✔  Job Placement automatically included with our Advanced Medical Transcription Program for all graduates. 

✔  Samples of all types of medical record formats including History & Physicals, Consultations, Operative Notes, Discharge Summaries, Transfer Summaries, Radiology and other Diagnostic Procedures, SOAP notes, general clinic notes, and professional letters.

✔  Extensive English/grammar lessons and interaction. Learn about parts of speech, parts of a sentence, incomplete sentences, abbreviations, capitalization, punctuation, hyphenation, how to make plurals, sound-alike words, common English/grammar errors, and special transcription tips and techniques on how to make sure YOUR English and grammar are superior. We include plenty of self-tests (ungraded, interactive tests which test your understanding) throughout so you will have expert knowledge of the English language by the time you finish this module.

✔  Over 300 classes about your computer, the internet, Microsoft Word, and so much more.

These interactive text, audio, and video computer and software training classes alone help make this program one of the most valuable on the market today! These classes alone are over a thousand dollar value! Not only will you learn the medical language and transcription, now you’ll also be master of your computer and the internet.

✔  A complete module dedicated just to Laboratory and Pathology with extensive transcription pharmacistpractice in this area. Graduates of other programs have come to us just for this experience, but we’ve included it here so that YOU will have the knowledge you need to succeed in your career.

✔  Special module dedicated just to Pharmacology. Learn about different drug types, drug laws, drug classifications, sound-alike drugs, drug dosages, abbreviations for pharmacology. We include quite a number of transcription exercises that focus on Pharmacology so you will learn the most common drugs, what they are used for, and what dosages are most common. Not having to guess, but rather KNOWING this information is vital to your career as medical transcriptionist.

✔  Extensive Anatomy & Physiology Lessons within each body system with interactive self-tests to reinforce your learning experience. Our photographs, drawings, and video tutorials help you understand each body system as it is explained. Here are some of the body systems you’ll learn about:

  • Skin and cellular system
  • Skeletal system
  • Muscles and joints
  • Nervous system
  • Blood and Lymphatic system
  • Cardiovascular system
  • Respiratory system
  • Digestive system
  • Endocrine system
  • Eyes and Ears
  • Urinary system
  • Male reproductive system
  • Female reproductive system
  • Obstetrics
  • Pediatrics
  • Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging
  • Oncology (Study of Cancers)
  • Psychology (Mental Health)
  • Gerontology

✔  Extensive learning within each body system of root words, suffixes and prefixes. We teach you how to recognize any medical term just by analyzing its root words.

✔  Thorough discussions of diseases and medical conditions of each specialty. Our photos, drawings, video tutorials and comprehensive Resource Library with articles for practically every medical disease, help explain each condition thoroughly.

✔  With our extensive Resource Library, we include links to hundreds of web sites and articles so you can study specific areas of interest in your spare time if you like.

✔  We cover in depth all the major diagnostic tests done within each specialty. With photos and video tutorials as well as our in-depth articles, you learn what each test does and what it means. This includes laboratory and pathology testing as well as radiology and other diagnostic testing.

✔  Learn about all types of surgical techniques, procedures, and operations for each body system. Not only will you learn the most common surgeries, you’ll also get a peek inside an operative room that teaches you procedures like these from start to finish. Learn the instruments as well as the prepping and draping that occurs just before surgery. Then learn different types of incisions and sutures. You can polish surgerythat newly learned information by transcribing hundreds of minutes of actual doctor-dictated surgical notes. This skill alone will help you become eligible to work practically anywhere – outpatient clinic or hospital – as a medical transcriptionist or medical editor.

✔  Extensive vocabularies and glossaries within each module with audio files so you can hear each word being pronounced. Now you KNOW what each term sounds like as you read the written word. Listen as many times as you need to. The audio portion of this course is indispensable as you learn the term, learn its meaning, and then learn the pronunciation as well. That way, when the physician dictates the word in the transcription, you KNOW what it is.

✔  You practice transcribing all throughout the program! With our practice dictation inside each medical word bookbody system, your ear is slowly trained to carefully listen and transcribe what you have just learned. Practice as much as you like or as often as you like. You can even go back to a previous body system at any time if you like and practice some more. This is an excellent beginning teaching tool that is a stepping stone to the Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced physician dictation you’ll be doing later in the course.

✔  Transcription Tips and Techniques are scattered all throughout the course in the appropriate places to help you learn the real world of transcription, not just transcription in theory. Our goal is to see YOU succeed!

✔  Extensive abbreviation lists for all specialties. Not only will you learn the most common abbreviations, you are also introduced to the ones that are not so common. Again, self-tests help confirm that you understand each abbreviation as it is explained.

✔  Full access to our comprehensive on-line Resource Library which contains hundreds of interesting articles with full color photos, in-depth vocabulary and glossary lists, and medical reference links. This is an invaluable resource only available to our students. Our online vocabulary lists are massive – some of the biggest collections of words in the industry, now in a software format available for you to download FREE. Our online drug list of over 10,000 terms is also one of the many tools you’ll receive so that you can research practically any drug you hear.  training reports

✔  Use of the Beginning SUM reports, Intermediate SUM Surgery reports, and the Advanced SUM reports which together are more than $3,000 worth of instruction! This is between 800 and 900 hours of authentic physician dictation transcription practice. No need to buy expensive practice audio or pay for additional practice. It’s all included.  We even include the keys to everything except the exams. The Advanced dictation contains reports of all types of  dictators: foreign dictators, mushmouths, and mumblers — all designed to strengthen your skill as a training CDstranscriptionist. The beginning audio reports alone help you enter the medical transcription field at an entry level . . . so, just think what your skills will be with the full program.

Our intermediate operative audio reports with keys are considered a little harder than the beginning reports and are designed to wean you gradually into more difficult transcription with a focus on surgical reports in a wide variety of different specialties.

The advanced audio training reports with keys are specialty reports that include difficult dictators, many different foreign dictators, and hospital terminology you’ll need to know. (Note: In order to control costs, this training software is provided to you on loan and must be returned upon completion of the program.)

All exams are hand-graded by our certified instructors with in-depth feedback so you know exactly what areas need improving. In addition, we request feedback from you after every fifth online module you complete to make sure you are on track with the online portion of the program. Once you start transcribing the audio transcription reports, our certified instructors hand grade EVERY exam with extensive feedback.

✔  In-depth instruction in how to access dictation and use of a Wav pedal which is the industry wav playerstandard for sending/receiving digital dictation. A Wav pedal and software takes the place of the old-fashioned tape transcriber and allows you to transcribe audio files from anywhere there is internet access. With a Wav pedal and software, you can access transcription in Ontario while living in British Columbia. We teach you how to use this equipment as you’ll be using this if you decide to work from home.  (Note: We have Wav pedals and transcription software for any student who needs it, so you don’t need to buy your own just for training.)

✔  Interactive typing tutorial software. This helps you build up your typing speed and accuracy, but only if you need it. Practice as often or as little as you like. This specialized software (with your permission) will even monitor your typing speed and habits in other programs in which you type and show you your weaknesses. Then the program will create exercises to help you strengthen those weaknesses. We believe no other typing tutorial is more comprehensive.

✔  Medical terminology flash cardsThese high quality professsional flash cards help you learn and retain more information, even when you’re away from the computer. Now you can practice your suffixes, flashcardsprefixes and root words away from your computer. There are approximately 650 cards encompassing all specialties and are professionally designed and published.

✔  Students have full access to all of the MT School of Canada online student forum, chats, lectures and games. The student forum is where students, faculty, and mentors gather to discuss all things MT related as well as home and family issues. Become part of our online community and make some lasting friendships. You may even find a study buddy! Our chat room allows instant feedback and gets you answers fast! Keep up to date with news from our staff members, and learn about the new additions to the program as well as what’s happening in the industry.

✔  Students have full access to MT School of Canada certified instructors and staff members medical transcriptionistduring their enrollment. You may ask questions inside the student forum, our student chat room, our Frequently Asked Questions forum, direct email to any instructor or staff member or simply call our office. Our goal is to staff the online student forum 18 hours a day, so you can ask question on YOUR schedule, not ours. Either way, we’re proud of the fact that we are always here and available for YOU, our student.

✔  We absolutely DO provide job placement assistance for every single graduate, from helping with resumes to letters of recommendation (with final grade of 95% or above).  Our staff is happy to help you with things like a list of companies who hire our graduates or personal recommendations to future employers on your behalf.  Currently we have a 100% job placement rate for our Advanced MT and Editing graduates.  Although no school can legally guarantee employment, we know we can guarantee this program will give you the best chance for success!

✔  Medical Transcription Comprehensive Digital AHDI Book of Style 12-month Subscription – Book of Styleto be used in conjunction with our online course to teach you the rules you need to know to work anywhere. This is the style guide in the medical transcription industry. Knowing these style rules is a MUST to work in this field.  But don’t worry – our entire program revolves around this style guide so it’s second nature to you by the time you graduate.

✔  Medical Word book – a professionally published invaluable resource jam-packed with lists and terms. One of the industry’s top reference books with information on all major medical specialties and laboratory/pathology references.

✔  Preparing for Employment – an excellent reference source for the MT graduate. Learn how to start your own business, marketing techniques that work, business operations from licensing to bookkeeping, how to outsource (use subcontractors) to help your new business grow, and many, many resources for more information. This is our final online module and corresponds with our Job Placement program.

✔  Medical Transcription Techniques and Procedures Textbook – an excellent guide to the rules of medical transcription featuring an in-depth look at different types of medical reports and samples with helpful information on transcribing each one.

✔  Medical Atlas of the Human Body – beautiful full-color guide to the anatomy of the human body with all body systems outlined and fully labeled.

✔  Stedman’s Medical Dictionary– now look up terms right at your fingertips.

✔  MT School of Canada’s Proprietary Comprehensive Drug list software  – no need to search through heavy books to find the drug you need. Over 10,000 terms with the ability to add more.  This is specialized software that was developed just for our students and graduates.

✔  Professional Medical Spellchecker – recognizes when you have misspelled a word, even a lengthy medical term, and then suggests alternative answers. A must for the professional transcriptionist.spellchecker

✔  MT School of Canada Student Workbook to help guide you throughout the course. Work at your own pace and let the workbook help keep you organized as you go through it, one step at a time.

✔  All graduates receive a beautiful gold-colored diploma. (Not just a certificate of completion.) Upon graduation you’ll receive a beautiful diploma ready for framing and, depending on your final exam score, a letter of recommendation. (Students who achieve an average score or 95% or better also receive a letter of recommendation from our founder.)

✔  Ongoing technical assistance with our programmers and technical advisors. Help is only minutes away.

medical transcriptionist

All this preparation is so that YOU can become easily employed anywhere YOU choose and MAXIMIZE your income once you are employed. Many of our students get offered jobs BEFORE they graduate, so that says something about the quality of our program.

“I am so impressed by your program and the level of service you give your students.  Thank you again for everything!”  R. Martin


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