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Here’s the Technical Aspect of Our Computer and Software Training

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Our Students tell us the computer and software training we have are awesome.
Over 100 different courses altogether!

Here are some of the courses in our Computer and Technology section. Note that the beginner lessons are first, so if you’re already computer savvy, you may want to skip directly to the Microsoft Office courses near the end:

Computer Basics
• What is a Computer?
• Operating Systems
• Understanding Applications
• Understanding the Cloud
• Basic Parts of a Computer
• Button and Ports on a Computer
• Inside a Computer
• Laptop Computers
• Mobile Devices

More Computer Training
• Setting Up a Computer
• Beginning to Use Your Computer
• Getting to Know Your OS
• Connecting to the Internet
• Getting Started
• Your Computer’s Built-in Help
• Downloading and Uploading

Maintenance and Safety
• Computer Safety and Maintenance
• Basic Troubleshooting Techniques

• Bringing Your Files with You
• Learning New Programs
• Accessibility Features

Set Up and Maintenance
• How to Set Up a Wi-Fi Network
• How to Update Your Software
• How to Customize Your Desktop Background
• What to Do If Your Computer Gets a Virus
• Setting Up Your New Printer

Working with Software
• Installing Software on Your Windows PC or Mac
• Uninstalling Software on Your Windows PC or Mac

Working with the Internet
• What is the Internet
• Browser Basics
• Search Engines and Strategies
• Hyperlinks
• Understanding URLs
• Choosing an Email Service
• Choosing a Web Browser
• What are Browser Plug-Ins?
• Customizing Your Web Browser
• Using Your Browser’s Status Bar
• Animated GIF
• Fixing Broken Links
• What is a URL Shortener?
• Online Shopping Advice
• Finding Online Reviews
• Buying Tickets Online
• What is Craigslist?
• What is the Sharing Economy?
• What is Wikipedia?
• Researching with Wikipedia
• Finding Recipes Online
• Streamlining Video Services
• How to Stream Internet Video to Your TV
• What is a Podcast?
• Using
• Prezi Basics

Using the Cloud
• Your Google Account
• Google Docs
• Google Drive
• Google Maps
• Google Sheets
• Google Tips
• Your Microsoft Account
• OneDrive and Office Online
• SharePoint Resources

Technical Skills
• Taking Screenshots
• Finding Your Downloads
• Working with Zip Files
• Tech Lifehack Vines
• Create Your Own Screencasts
• Edit and Merge PDFs
• Clean Up Messy Formatting
• Password Tips
• Backing Up Your Files
• Sharing Photos Privately
• Browsing Privately

• Keyboard Shortcuts
• Keyboard Shortcut Vines
• Mouse Shortcuts
• Shortcuts with the Tab Key

Internet Safety
• Setting Up Your Password
• Protecting Your Computer From Internet Threats
• Email Tips for Scams and Spam
• Staying Safe While Browsing
• Protecting Your Financial Transactions
• Smart Social Networking
• Cyber Harassment and Stalking
• Wireless and Mobile Safety

How To Search Better
• All About Online Search
• Google Search Tips
• How to Read a Webpage
• Judging Online Information
• Evaluating a Webpage

All About Internet Explorer
• Getting Started with IE 11
• Getting Started with IE 8
• Exploring the Web
• Customizing IE
• Adding and Managing Favorites
• Security and Privacy
• Favorites and Add-Ons
• Security and Privacy
• How to Block Ads in Your Web Browser

All About Windows 8
• Windows 8.1 FAQs
• Windows 8.1 Features
• Upgrading to Windows 8.1
• Getting Started with Windows 8
• Using OneDrive with Windows 8
• Using the Search Feature
• Personalizing Your Start Screen
• Getting Started with the Desktop
• Managing Files and Folders
• Personalizing Your Desktop
• Using the People App
• Using the Mail App
• Music and Video Apps
• Downloading Apps from the Windows Store
• Managing Accounts and Parental Controls
• Opening Files with Different Apps
• Security and Maintenance

Mobile Device Tips
• What is Bluetooth?
• Understanding App Permission
• 5 Hidden iOS Features
• Removing Apps from Your iPhone

Photos and Graphics
• Digital Photography
• Image Editing 101
• Photoshop Basics

Social Media
• Blog Basics
• Facebook 101
• Facebook for iPhone
• Instagram
• LinkedIn Basics
• Pinterest
• Skype
• Twitter 11

Microsoft Office Courses
• Word 2010 and 2013
• Access 2010 and 2013
• Excel 2010 and 2013
• Excel Formulas
• Power Point 2010 and 2013

Learn Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Features of MS Word, such as:
• Align Buttons
• and Hanging Indents
• Using Templates
• Bulleted and Numbered Lists
• Show/hide Codes
• Text Boxes
• Working with Columns
• Inserting and Editing Tables
• Drawing Objects
• Inserting and Editing Pictures

Each lesson is laid out in a simple, easy-to-understand format with step-by-step instructions. Pictures and photographs help you see and apply what you’re learning.

This Microsoft Word tutorial is a comprehensive guide to Word and currently covers Word XP, 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, and 2013.

And more…!
Windows 7
Windows 10
Mac OS
Technology Buying Guide
Laptops and Chromebooks
Android Basics
iPhone Basics
iPad Basics

Over 100 different lessons and tutorials to help make YOU computer savvy and job ready. Take your time through these lessons and skip the ones you already know. These online computer courses make computer learning fun!


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