About Our Computer and Software Training

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Our students tell us the HUGE LIBRARY of computer and software training we have are awesome.  Over 400 different classes altogether!

Here are just some of the courses in our Computer and Technology section. Note that the beginner lessons are first, so if you’re already computer savvy, you may want to skip directly to the Microsoft Office classes:

26 different classes on email (beginner through advanced)
74 different classes on internet (includes Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc.)
63 classes on computer basics (beginner through advanced)
22 classes on internet safety (beginner through advanced)
46 different classes on Windows (includes Windows 10 and Windows 8)
35 different MS Word classes (beginner through advanced)
35 different Excel classes (beginner through advanced)
38 different Powerpoint classes (beginner through advanced)
29 different Access classses (beginner through advanced)

Numerous video classes on computer hardware, Google Drive, Google search and Advanced Google search, maintaining your computer, 

Classes on technical skills (includes working with downloads, zip files, screencasts, PDFs, formatting, password tips, backups, photo sharing, private browsing, and more)

Plus, extra classes for your learning pleasure:

Social Media
• Blog Basics
• Facebook 101
• Facebook for iPhone
• Instagram
• LinkedIn Basics
• Pinterest
• Skype
• Twitter

Learn Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Features of MS Word, such as:

• Align Buttons
• and Hanging Indents
• Using Templates
• Bulleted and Numbered Lists
• Show/hide Codes
• Text Boxes
• Working with Columns
• Inserting and Editing Tables
• Drawing Objects
• Inserting and Editing Pictures

Each lesson is laid out in a simple, easy-to-understand format with step-by-step instructions. Pictures and photographs help you see and apply what you’re learning.

Over 400 different video, text, and audio lessons and tutorials to help make YOU computer savvy and job-ready. Take your time through these lessons and skip the ones you already know. These online computer courses make computer learning fun!

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