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Here’s an Overview of What You Get With Our Medical Transcription Course

You’ll never pay extra with our medical transcription course! You receive access to our popular computer training section – interactive and in-depth computer, Internet, Windows and Microsoft training courses PLUS Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Microsoft Word training. It’s all included!

Offering an in-depth look at 20 different medical specialties, each course teaches practically everything that pertains to the specialty, including topics such as root words, suffixes and prefixes, medical providers and healthcare workers within the specialty, diagnostic procedures, treatment plans, laboratory testing and pharmaceuticals for the specialty and much, much more. You’ll get specialized training in Medical Terminology, Grammar and Punctuation, Computer Courses, Pharmacology Studies, Laboratory Studies and How to Start Your Own MT Business and much, much more!

Online and interactive, our Advanced Medical Transcription and Editing program encompass probably the most extensive medical information you’ll ever see. You’ll learn to recognize, understand and pronounce medical words and phrases with our audio library. Just click on any term to hear its pronunciation and see its meaning.

Plus, you’ll receive access to our Resource Library which include websites and articles to help you develop an even more in-depth knowledge of what you’re transcribing.

This program has more detail and more content than any other transcription program available on the market today – 1,470 hours of instruction, of which 800-900 is real physician-dictated transcription practice.

Test yourself with our online Moodle software – you can take the quizzes as many times as you like. You won’t be able to memorize the answers since our course software rearranges the questions each time. We can’t think of a better way to learn!

The last half of the course is actual transcription practice with clinical reports of all types. The dictation we use are real physicians (not staff dictation) and real medical reports edited for privacy. You’ll find a wide variety of accents, dialects, and speech patterns to give a realistic working environment feel. This Advanced MT and Editing program includes clinic and hospital reports as well as hand-grading and feedback on exams by a certified instructor.

This Advanced MT program includes the wav pedal and software which is yours to keep as our free gift upon successful completion of the course.

What makes MT School of Canada different?

Advanced Training – From simple to complex, this program covers it all. But we don’t stop there – we also provide extensive information on medical transcription employment and even starting your own business if you’re interested.

More Complete – This program comes with a number of our different Modules to make sure you have the most knowledge for your new career.  Take a look at our advanced curriculum and see for yourself.

Qualified and Certified Experts – You get access to our experienced instructors who can answer your questions. With our telephone, email and student forum support network, you’re never alone.

Complete Resource Library – Why spend years creating the resources you’ll need when we have it all right here in one place? Saving you hours of time, this resource library is complete with everything you’ll ever need.

Interactive Training – Not just some textbook online, this Advanced Medical Transcription and Editing program is comprehensive AND interactive, helping you to stay focused and on track. We use the award-winning Moodle software to keep the learning fun. The bottom line is… you’ll learn more if you’re actively involved in the learning process, and this program ensures that you are!

Extensive Computer Training Included! These courses will teach you everything you need to know about computers and software, maintenance of computers, operating systems, Microsoft training, Windows and much, much more. Do your own diagnostics and repair and save thousands of dollars during your career.

This program gets you Certification Exam ready! Graduates from this medical transcription program are more than ready to take the national medical transcription exam. We’ll show you where to go and how to sign up. You’ll even have access to practice exam testing and more to help you with the testing process. You don’t have to do it alone!

Job Placement:  All Advanced MT and Editing graduates get lifetime Job Placement Assistance.  Our job placement rate currently is 100% for graduates of this program.  (Note: Job placement is only available with this Advanced MT program.)

Course Includes: Click here to see a list of materials included.

Time For Completion: The average time of completion for this Advanced Medical Transcription program is approximately 12 months or less. This course is self-paced. Your enrollment includes 18 months.  Extensions are available if you need more time.

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