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Our award-winning interactive Moodle software brings it all together for students of our Advanced Medical Transcription and Editing training program.  From beginning medical terminology through advanced anatomy, students start practicing their skills from the very first module.

We offer an in-depth study of 21 different medical specialties. Each teaches everything you need that pertains to the specialty, including topics such as root words, suffixes and prefixes, medical providers and healthcare workers within the specialty, diagnostic procedures, treatment plans, laboratory testing and pharmaceuticals in formats of video, audio, and text formats

Online and interactive, our Advanced Medical Transcription and Editing certificate program encompass probably the most extensive medical information you’ll ever see. As a result, comprehensive curriculum combined with certified, experienced instructors ensures the highest quality Medical Transcription education.

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Program Information

Duration: 18 months – extensions are available after this time

Tuition: $2,995 CAD *Includes AHDI National Certification Exam Voucher – Payment Plans Available

Hours: 1,470 course hours

Includes: All reference material, all textbooks, medical terminology flashcards, mailed supplies, software, online modules, typing tutorial, instructor feedback, foot pedal, free shipping, AHDI National Certification voucher.

Our Job Placement program ensures your success after graduation with 100% job placement rating for past graduates of our medical transcription training program.

The materials you get include all books, supplies, shipments, and downloads as show below. Just click on any icon. 

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Materials Included

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Computer & Software Training

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tuition and payment plans

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Here’s what makes MT School of Canada different:

  • Voted #1 most comprehensive online Medical Transcription program in Canada
  • 1,470 hours. More detail and more content than any other MT program
  • Award-winning Moodle platform with custom features makes it simple to learn and navigate
  • 12-month, self-paced program means you can go as slow or as fast as you like.
  • Most advanced curriculum of all the MT schools in North America
  • Qualified, certified, expert  instructors and medical staff ready to help YOU with your questions
  • Complete resource library with thousands of terms, audio pronunciations, and medical articles to help you learn better
  • Program written by a certified MT instructor and MT service owner  with feedback from other medical professionals to ensure accuracy to detail in every area
  • Complete review, practice, and testing on grammar and punctuation to make you an expert. In-depth review,  practice and testing on exact MT style guide that employers want you to know.
  • Professionally created MT audio files feature real doctors and real patients. Progress from beginning through advanced modules with 21 different medical specialties.
  • Quizzes and self-tests after every lesson that you can take as many times as you like.
  • Open book final exams at the end of every module. Over 30 modules included.
  • Instructor handgraded exams with constructive feedback on every single report submitted.
  • Word and drug software programs downloadable and yours to keep.
  • Interactive online training lessons with audio, video, and text to make learning fun and interesting
  • Typing tutoring (optional) with games and practice sessions help increase your speed and improve accuracy at no extra cost to you
  • Extensive computer training . Over 400 computer, software, hardware, and internet classes
  • Full collection of textbooks, online materials, software, books, and digital references included at NO extra cost. Nothing else to buy or pay for later.
  • Digital and hard-copy medical terminology flashcards for learning on the go at no extra cost
  • Extensive student forum for social interaction, questions, and comments from other students, mentors, instructors, and medical staff to keep you informed.
  • Weekly chat classes on different transcription subjects to help accelerate your learning
  • Job Placement program with consistent history of 100% successful placement for our graduates for the past 5 years
  • Lifetime job placement assistance
  • Thousands of satisfied graduates
  • Complete instruction on starting your own transcription service with marketing materials, contracts, and proposals if you want to start your own business
  • AHDI certification exam voucher included after graduation
  • FREE footpedal and transcribing software with step-by-step tutorials to get you transcribing quickly. Begin practicing with the very first medical module
  • FREE medical spellchecker software and word-expander software
  • Certificate of completion and letter of  recommendation for all graduates
  • 3 easy payment plans with 0% interest to fit any budget

What is Medical Transcription Exactly?


Medical Transcription is the process of creating a patient’s medical record from a physician’s dictated notes. Whether the medical record is a paper file or a digital file in the computer, the information inside must be an accurate reflection of the patient’s visit, since the patient’s future medical care (and the billing of the patient) will rely on the details within.

Medical transcription is the process by which Medical Transctiptionists, also called Health Documentation Specialists, interpret, transcribe, edit, and then convert the doctor’s dictated report into written format to become part of the patient’s lawful medical record.