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Here’s What We Think About That!

At MT School of Canada, we used to offer internships. However, our Advanced Medical Transcription and Editing coursework is so thorough, that every single graduate is getting multiple job offer within days of graduating. We believe this is due to the advanced curriculum and high quality standards.

At present our job placement rate is 100%. Therefore, we feel it is a disservice to our graduating students who have worked so hard to ask them to pay more money up front and then to work at no charge for a 3-4 month period. This would normally be fine if the student did not receive any job offers as may be the case with other, less advanced, programs.

Internships should be used only as a last resort in the job search process. If you have graduated from another school and cannot pass employers’ tests, it is an acceptable means of finding employment if you cannot find employment any other way.


Our Job Placement Process

Our job placement process consists of several steps, all designed to help you find employment that is suitable and preferable to you. It starts with a heavy critique of your resume and cover letter. We look at these from an employer’s perspective and often suggest tips for highlighting your strengths and minimizing any weaknesses in your career history.

We instruct you on employers — different types of employers, what they offer to their transcriptionists, what to look out for, what to avoid, what to say during an interview, what to avoid during an interview, and a whole lot more. We explore the different types of wages from employers and help you determine exactly the type of employment and pay method that best suits your needs.

Then we provide you a detailed list of companies with names, contact telephone numbers, and email addresses that we deal with who are known to hire our graduates, hire new graduates or have requested our graduates directly. These companies are the best place to start in the job placement process.

We also provide an extensive list of places on the Internet to go for job research, additional job knowledge, networking places and more to aid in your job placement process.

Finally, we are available as you begin to receive job offers to help you evaluate the different offers and different combinations of benefits for you and your family. Once you decide on an employer, we help you transition into the job and are available to answer general questions via email and phone.

As a graduate, you also have unlimited 24/7 access to our student forum where we post job offers from companies that have emailed us. Plus you’ll always stay updated in the industry and have a chance to work with our new students who are just starting to learn — a good skill to have on your resume!

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Remember, no school can legally guarantee you employment.

However, our job placement rate is 100% (and we are proud of that fact.)

We would love the opportunity to add YOU to our list of satisfied graduates!


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