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Next, Gain Hand-Eye Coordination by Typing Medical Sentence Clips.

These sentence clips are designed to give you practice in transcribing from audio and are a great transition to take you from typing simple phrases and sentences to transcribing medical reports.

The point of each sentence clip is to help you to get familiar with transcribing from audio and to give you some idea of correct punctuation.



Lesson 4 – Sentence Clips – The Nervous System Anatomy

Please click on each audio sentence clip, and type each sentence into the box as you listen to it. When finished, click the save my answers button.  (Note: This is a non-operable sample, however, the next page will show you how it gives you the answers.)

Question 1

Click audio here to begin.  Type Answer Here: _____________________________________________

Question 2

Click audio here to begin.  Type Answer Here: _____________________________________________

Question 3

Click audio here to begin.  Type Answer Here: _____________________________________________