Advanced Medical Transcription and Editing Certificate Program

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Medical Transcription Online Career Training GraduateOur award-winning interactive Moodle software brings it all together for students of our Advanced Medical Transcription and Editing program.  From beginning medical terminology through advanced anatomy, students start practicing their skills from the very first module.  As a result, comprehensive curriculum combined with certified, experienced instructors ensures the highest quality Medical Transcription educations.  Our Job Placement program assures your success after graduation with 100% job placement rating for past graduates of this program.  Includes all books, supplies, shipments, and downloads as shown below.

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What is Medical Transcription Exactly?

Medical transcription is the process of creating a patient's medical record from a physician's dictated notes. Whether the medical record is a paper file or a digital file in the computer, the information inside must be an accurate reflection of the patient's visit, since the patient's future medical care (and the billing of the patient) will rely on the details within.

Medical transcription is the process by which Medical Transcriptionists, also called Health Documentation Specialists, interpret, transcribe, edit, and then convert the doctor's dictated report into written format to become part of the patient's lawful medical record.