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Top 10 Reasons Why YOU Should Choose
Medical Transcription School of Canada
for your Medical Transcription + Editing Training:

1. Highest Quality College-Level School
• Program approved by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia USA since 2003.
• BBB of Hampton Roads A+ rating.
• Program written and approved by nationally certified instructors, industry mentors, and medical doctors, and updated monthly. We keep you up to date in the industry!
Meets and exceeds AHDI’s Model Curriculum for Medical Transcription.
• 40+ years combined certified instructor experience.
• Experienced program director - owned one of the largest MT services
• Hundreds of testimonials from students and graduates who have succeeded with our school.

Our Founder Says . . . "Dare To Compare!" click here to find out why

2. Quality college-level Medical Transcription with Editing Instruction
• 21 medical specialties taught in-depth, plus 12 bonus specialties included. See curriculum.
• Weekly chat classes included. Student support group chats available on a regular basis.
• Full medical terminology course included plus 1000 terminology flashcards. See supplies list.
• Award winning software with highly interactive modules (includes sounds and pronunciations). Includes thousands of articles, pre-transcription practice sentence clips, audio files, medical photos and much, much more. This course is huge and very thorough - over 1400 hours with 800-900 hours of dictation practice alone!
• Train with our editing curriculum and voice recognition editing instruction. Qualifies the graduate to work as an MT or as an editor. Full editing training included with our Advanced MT program.
• Full length pharmacology and laboratory courses included. Full anatomy, physiology, disease processes and diagnostic/surgical procedures for over 21 medical specialties.
• Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced dictation practice with keys plus additional downloadable advanced practice available. More surgery and hospital dictation than any other school.
• Dictation is authentic physician dictation, not slow and easy staff dictation like some other schools. Real work simulation experience from real dictation files. Dictation includes foreign physicians dictation practice.

3. Job Placement after graduation
• 100% job placement rate as of March 1, 2015, through our Career Placement Center.
• Program includes simulated practice employer testing with one-on-one personal instruction with plenty of feedback. We don't take money out of your pocket by requiring an unpaid internship (free labor) of any kind simply because our graduates CAN and DO find employment directly upon graduation (and many times BEFORE graduation!)
• Extensive employment module, Focus on Employment, all about life after graduation. Textbook and extensive information about setting up your own transcription service. Be your own boss!
• Access to private employment and referral directories and employment websites.
• Personal assistance with cover letter and resume preparation, tips and advice on interviewing. Learn how to apply to MT services for the greatest chances of a job offer and which MT services have requested our graduates.
• Beautiful diploma/certificate ready for framing awarded upon graduation.

4. Ongoing instructor support
• One-on-one instructor/graduate support for life. Each student is assigned an instructor who works with them throughout each stage of the program, grading assignments, reviewing tests, giving feedback and answering questions. We ONLY hire certified instructors with at least 20 years experience.
• 40+ years combined certified instructor experience.
• Instructors and mentors who have a personal interest in your success.
• Email addresses and phone numbers of instructors so you are NEVER out of touch.
• Medical doctor available for all your medical questions.

5. Ongoing technical support
• Technical support available for any computer-related or internet issues.
• Computer courses, beginning through advanced, provided at no additional cost.
• MS Word tutorials including macros and shortcuts for the medical transcriptionist.
• Help available 6 days a week.

6. Medical Transcription and Medical Editing are great career choices for many thousands of workers
• Study from home and work from home after graduation.
• Job outlook is good! Read about the Dept. of Labor’s projection for medical transcriptionists here:

7. Your investment is protected
• MTACC (the parent company of MT School of Canada) participates in the Virginia Tuition Guaranty Fund which protects your investment.
• Graduates have lifetime access to our online learning center, student forum, chat classes, employment module and all online resources.

8. Lowest prices for tuition for the highest training available in the industry today
• Monthly specials available. Click links above for this month’s special or call us Toll Free at
(888) 838-9788.
• Enroll with a Friend discounts, senior citizen discounts.
• Financial aid available at 0% interest with no qualifying.

9. Quality supplies, textbooks, software and downloads included
• College-level books and materials, references and workbooks, medical articles, tests, downloadable software and medical spellchecker that can be used throughout training and throughout your career.
• All software included to complete school and start work. Nothing else to buy.
• Full downloadable electronic word and drug lists. This is software that you can keep adding to and will want to own forever.
• AHDI Book of Style 3rd edition included and incorporated throughout the program. We don't give you an electronic version that expires after one year!
• USB foot pedal and transcribing software included and yours to keep upon graduation.

10. All the extras you get . . . .
• FREE 12-month extension of enrollment if needed beyond 18 months. (Other schools charge as much as $75.00 a month for your extensions after only 12 months.)
• FREE contests and drawings in which students can receive sponsored giveaways at no cost. (Build your medical library.)
• FREE shipping and handling for all shipments. This is up to a $175.00 value!
• FREE Student Forum with multiple boards where students meet, make friends, discuss learning MT and discuss multiple topics ranging from medical transcription training to life skills, parenting, family, getting organized, finances, and much, much more.
• FREE Photo Gallery access to upload your pictures and share your experiences with your fellow students.

PLUS, we'll even pay for your National Exam upon graduation! ($180 value!) Upon graduation, MTACC will pay for you to take the national examination for your RHDS credential through ADHI. For more information on the Registered Healthcare Documentation Specialist certification, click here: AHDI National RHDS Exam. Limited Time Offer.

And what you DON'T get . . . .
• NO extra fees for additional transcription practice. Nothing else to purchase or wish you had thought of. No extra charge to receive your certificate, and no surprise charges down the road.
• NO extra fees for an extension. We give you 18 months PLUS a free 12-month extension if needed.
• NO computer graded exams. Your exams are hand-graded looking for any exceptions with explanations given for everything marked. Lots of opportunity for questions.
• NO school-created booklets in place of real textbooks. We spend the money to give you the best industry textbooks, learning materials and reference materials you will need to begin working.
• NO lengthy enrollment process. Just a quick phone call or visit our shopping cart.
• NO high-pressure salesmen to try to sell you anything else.
• NO loan applications or credit checks. We finance our own applications and pass on the savings to you!
• NO used courses! You won't see our programs for sale anywhere but here.
• NO old and outdated materials. Our program is updated monthly, textbooks yearly, and online program upgraded at least annually, and we don't cut costs and risk jeopardizing YOUR education.
• NO corners cut in an effort to save a dollar. (If you want a cheaper program, consider the scores of students who have graduated from other schools, could not pass employers' tests, and came to us to finish their education the right way!)

In summary, NO other school gives you what MTACC gives you!

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Learn Why Employers Consider Us the Most Comprehensive
of All the Medical Transcription + Editing Schools in Canada!

Why Choose MT School of Canada? Top Quality Education!
Our training is rated #1 by many employers. Check out our innovative learning methods for adults and our award-winning interactive software that makes it all happen.
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How Do You Choose a Great
Medical Transcriptionist Training and Editing Program?

Many ideas abound about what constitutes a good medical transcription course. What is true and what is not true in regard to medical transcription education?
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Comparing Our Program to the Competition
Find out what questions you should ask when evaluating one school over another. What you don't know can hurt your career later if you aren't prepared for it.
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All About Medical Transcription and Editing
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Hello and thanks for visiting!

We are proud to offer MT School of Canada as an excellent source of Medical Transcription and Editing training. While putting this program together we received feedback from many different working medical transcriptionists, editors, MTSOs (medical transcription service owners), health professionals, and other medical professionals. The result is a program second to none. This means you receive the most comprehensive and technologically advanced training that's available in the industry today. Click here for a personal letter from our founder.

Our goal at MT School of Canada is to create an interactive and fun learning experience by using highly advanced, interactive teaching methods. At the same time we strive to have more quality course content and transcription practice than any other school available. Employers, graduates, and students tell us we've more than met our goals in both these areas. Employers tell us our job placement program would not be 100% if our program were not top quality!

Please make sure you view our course demo so you can get a feel for how interactive and comprehensive, yet fun, learning with an interactive course can be. Be sure to request our free e- book. Lastly, try our typing test and be sure to give us a call if you have any questions.

Again, thank you for visiting our school and we wish you every success in pursuing your career goals and financial dreams. Please let us know if you have any questions or comments regarding any of our courses, and I look forward to adding you to our list of satisfied students!

Margery Hinman, Ph.D., Director of Education
Call us direct at 804-695-2100 or Toll Free 888-838-9788

Why Choose MT School of Canada?

Advanced, High Quality Training – Our training is rated #1 by many employers. Check out our innovative learning methods for adults and our award-winning interactive software. This interactive, user-friendly software leads you step by step through each lesson and tests you on each module as you finish so you know you’ve mastered the material. Plus you receive top quality textbooks and resources pertaining to each program to make your learning experience easier. You won’t find a more advanced training program anywhere!

100% Job Placement Rate – As of this date, all of our graduates are employed and have their choice of employers. We have agreements with employers who want our graduates exclusively! In fact, the demand for MT School of Canada graduates is so high, many of our advanced students get job offers even before they’ve finished our program! (Choosing a school with great name recognition like this makes it easy for you when you’re ready to start working.)

Full Student and Technical Support Staff – Although our software is extremely easy to maneuver, we realize you may have questions. We’re never more than a phone call or email away! Get individualized instruction from an instructor if you need it or just general guidance or even technical support. Either way, we’re here to help YOU meet your career goals.

How To Choose A Good
Medical Transcription Online Training School

Many ideas abound about what constitutes a good medical transcription course. Some people feel that the schools that advertise on TV showing a mother working at her computer while her children play quietly at her feet is an accurate portrayal of the life of a medical transcriptionist. What is true and what is not true in regard to medical transcription education?

What is AAMT and COMPRO?

The American Association of Medical Transcription is the professional industry organization that represents medical transcriptionists. The AAMT (now AHDI) has developed a competency profile for medical transcription education (COMPRO). This profile outlines many of the areas that a good solid MT program should cover. In brief, some of these areas include the following: English language, medical knowledge, technology, healthcare documentation, and professional practice. Under each of these broad headings are very particular sets of competencies that a medical transcription student must demonstrate to show they have mastered that area. The full COMPRO guidelines are listed on the AAMT’s web site, and we highly recommend that all prospective medical transcription students visit the site and go over the profile in detail.

Why Not a Less Expensive, Faster Program?

When you take the time to research the skills that a quality medical transcriptionist needs, it will become evident that a shorter, less comprehensive course of study isn’t going to give you what you need to succeed in the workplace. Many prospective students who look into very inexpensive fast programs buy into the idea that they can learn medical transcription quickly and then begin making good money right away. You may hear some people say that a comprehensive education is not necessary and that you just type what you hear. This type of thinking is not only faulty but actually dangerous because in medical language many words sound alike but have very different meanings. Please see the example below:

EXERCISE: Say the following words aloud. Say them slowly and then faster:

Dysphagia (dis-phage-ee-a) Difficulty swallowing.
Dysphasia ( dis-phas-ee-a) Difficulty speaking.
Dysplasia (dis-plas-ee-a) Abnormality of development.

Ileum (il-ee-um) The small intestine.
Ilium (il-ee-um) Hip bone.

It is clear to see that without a clear understanding of the meaning of these sound-alike terms and the medical context in which these terms and numerous would be dictated, it would be very easy to type in the wrong word. Now consider the consequences of a medical transcriptionist typing in the wrong medication because it sounded like a similar one. It is true that physicians are supposed to read the completed reports for accuracy before signing them. However, the medical transcriptionist is the main person responsible for proofreading the reports. Unfortunately, the reality is that many physicians are very busy and rushed. Many times they sign reports that they read quickly. It is the job of the medical transcriptionist to make sure these reports are accurate.

What are the Results of Poor School Choice?

It is a sad fact that even if graduates of sub-par programs are able to pass an employment test and get hired (which is rare), they have a very hard time on the job. This is because they lack a comprehensive understanding of medical language. Sure, they may know some basic anatomy and terminology; however, they lack a clear understanding of what is being said. How would this affect their potential income and job security? Well, medical transcriptionists are paid based on production. In other words, most MTs are paid according to how much they are able to transcribe in a day. Most companies have minimum quotas for the amount of work they want each medical transcriptionist to produce in a day. If a new transcriptionist has to stop and look up every other word because they do not understand the context or content of the dictation, they are not going to be able to meet the company’s minimum quotas. This often happens to new MTs who are poorly trained. See a comparison of two new MTs and one experienced MT and their daily production:

Daily pay @ .07 cents

NEW MT #1- 1,250 lines done for the day. $ 87.50

NEW MT #2- 600 lines done for the day. $ 42.00

EXPERIENCED MT #3 – 2,000 lines done for the day. $140.00

Which of these MTs would you like to be? As you can clearly see, MT #2 is not making very good money. If both MT #1 and #2 worked the same amount of hours that day, what explains the difference in pay? Maybe MT #2 had to stop many, many times during the day to look up simple medical words. MT #2 is not going to be very happy with her paycheck at the end of the day. Also, MT #2 is at risk of losing her job because she is FAR below the company’s minimum production standard for the day. However, it is possible that MT #2 feels that she got a great deal on her medical transcription education because it cost under $1,000 and only took her 4 months to complete the entire program. MT #3 has about a year or two of experience, has had advanced medical transcription training, and is clearly making good money.

Most new MTs are hired and then put on a probation period where all of their reports are checked by an editor or quality assurance person. Most companies allow between 30-90 days for a new MT to get up to production standards in terms of production and quality. If the new MTs work is not up to company standards by that time, it is likely they will be let go. This happens every day to new MTs. Being serious about getting a thorough education will avoid this problem. Investing now in a good education will assure that you can start out in the workplace ready to handle difficult dictation with ease.

What Should You Look For In A Good Medical Transcription Program?

When looking into medical transcription schools, it is important to think about it as an investment that will pay off when you complete the program and begin working. We discussed earlier how some programs offer very short courses and only skim over subjects like anatomy, medical terminology, disease processes, laboratory medicine, and pharmacology. Additionally, many courses do not offer enough comprehensive transcription practice. When evaluating programs it is important to have a base model in which to compare every program. A wonderful model is the AAMT’s COMPRO.

Look not only at what subjects the school offers but how in-depth and comprehensive they cover each of these areas. For example, you cannot possibly thoroughly cover the subject of anatomy in a few weeks’ time. Medical transcriptionists deal with many different accents, medical specialties, and must have a broad-based understanding of medical language. If the program you are considering does not offer comprehensive study in all of the areas discussed in COMPRO then you may want to consider that it is not a wise investment of your money. You also want to ask the following questions when deciding on a school:

1. Are the instructors experienced transcriptionists?
2. Have the instructors been medical transcription service owners?
3. Have the instructors been MT educators previously?
4. How much dictation is included in the program?
5. Is the dictation authentic doctor dictated reports? (Some schools offer tapes that are read by actors which are WAY too easy.)
6. What type of materials will you receive in the course? Good MTs need good reference materials, and must learn to use them while in school.
7. Will you have easy access to an instructor? Is he or she available via telephone, e-mail or private messaging?
8. Will you receive immediate feedback on assignments or will you have to wait weeks to hear from your instructor through the mail?
9. Does the school offer in-depth coverage of all the topics COMPRO suggests or do they just touch lightly on these subjects?
10. Does the school offer comprehensive job placement assistance? (Handing you a list of services to send a resume to is not considered comprehensive job placement.)
11. Does the school send their students an actual WAV pedal or just an old-fashioned tape player?


How Does the MT School of Canada Program Measure Up?

The goal of this article is not to discuss why some other courses do not live up to the COMPRO guidelines. Quite frankly we have no idea why a course would choose to compromise your training just to save a few dollars. What our school has to offer a prospective medical transcription student is an in-depth, comprehensive program of study including extensive study in every single area outlined in COMPRO. Students of our program will get comprehensive study in all subject areas relating to advanced medical transcription and NOT just the basics.

Our program offers the opportunity to work with mentors and instructors one on one. Specifically, this means that the students have a number of people who can help them with questions throughout the program. Why is this important? As an MT student, you are going to have a myriad of questions pertaining to your coursework, and a good course needs to provide you with someone who can answer those questions quickly and comprehensively. Also, learning medical transcription is not an easy task, and many new students get frustrated and give up. We have found the multiple instructor and mentor idea has worked wonderfully. It’s a relief for our students to know that someone is always there.

Comprehensive feedback of your practice MT work is essential to your success. It is important to know what you are doing wrong and why as well as what you are doing right. It is very easy when checking your own work to miss many tiny mistakes. In the workplace an MT needs to work with a high percent of accuracy at between 98-99%. When MTs fall below that accuracy level, they are putting their jobs in jeopardy. In our program, you will get immediate feedback on-line after each lesson. Also, each transcription exam is hand-graded with extensive feedback and returned quickly, usually within 24 hours. In other words, you will have the support of a trained instructor throughout the entire program, and this is imperative to your success.

Additionally, our course offers extensive transcription practice – more than enough for you to get thorough, comprehensive and advanced training, just as you should be getting. Through our program, you could transcribe as many as 5,000 medical reports. Why do you need to transcribe so many reports you might ask? It is our experience that practice makes perfect although you may be one of those who don't need it. Working MTs come across a variety of difficult accents and medical specialties. Without enough hands-on practice with real world dictation, the new MT could flounder in the real work environment. Transcribing a few hundred reports may give you some idea of how it's done, but truly that is not enough practice to enable a new MT to be productive in the real world work environment, no matter what anybody tells you. Your instructor will work with you to develop a program that's just right for YOU.

One reason there is such a high demand for medical transcriptionists right now is because there are so many very poorly trained MTs. In fact, it is difficult to come across a well-trained MT. Good MTs have the potential of making a very good income and enjoying a lucrative career. Poor MTs usually go from job to job then finally leave the business because they just can't reach quality or production standards. In our program we offer a great deal of real world dictation practice by real doctors. The dictation you will be transcribing comes from a variety of specialties and includes very difficult dictators. It is important to get enough practice while in school so that when you graduate, you will be able to handle the most difficult types of dictation with ease.

Our school was founded by an MTSO (medical transcription service owner) and Certified Medical Transcriptionist with many years of experience who also taught medical transcription at a local community college and sold two successful MT services. The instructors are highly experienced MTs and MTSOs (medical transcription service owners) and the mentors are experienced transcriptionists, graduates, and top students helping other students. This program was developed by experienced and seasoned MTs for MTs. Additionally, MT School of Canada offers comprehensive resume and job placement assistance upon graduation. The bottom line is we KNOW what employers want because we were once there!

The choice is yours. Excellence in education means making the commitment to invest wisely and choosing a school that adheres to the guidelines as outlined in COMPRO. We have the experience, dedication and ability to create transcriptionists ready to enter the workplace capable of handling even the most difficult dictation.

We wish you every success in making your decision for a quality education and look forward to answering any questions you may have.

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